Wall 360 Degree Bracket

$25 $60

This is the ultimate phone stand

Swivy is a phone stand like no other! The swivel design lets you rotate the stand at 270 degrees for you to get the best viewing angle for the situation.

The sturdy craftsmanship of Swivy makes it virtually unbreakable. It can fold to fit into your pocket for instant convenience wherever you are. It’s the toughest mount there is.

Swivy is applicable to tablets and phones of any model. This reliable tool makes working on your phone less tiring and more convenient.

What makes Swivy so good

Creates the perfect viewing angle- Swivy provides a secure and adjustable mount. Instantly get the viewing height and angle you want.

Portable, slick and durable- The striking design is super sturdy. Take it with you to have relatable support at all times.

A mount fitting all models Swivy holds firmly tables and every phone model so you watch your favorite shows hands-free. 

Why Swivy is for you- No phone stand is as convenient as Swivy. It adjusts to 270 degrees and can accompany you anywhere.

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